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Malabrigo Rios Merino Superwash yarn
Price: $18.00
Yardage: 210
Stitches Per Inch: 5
FAVE COLORS BACK in stock! If you like Malabrigo Worsted you are going to LOVE RIOS MERINO. Knitting with Malabrigo Rios will spoil you forever. Rios is even softer than Malabrigo Worsted. Because of the pretty 4-ply twist and superwash process there's no pilling or loosing it's shape = long wearing garments.

Malabrigo yarns are kettle-dyed by a small, family- owned yarn company that works with a co-op of women in rural Uruguay to produce some of the world's most wonderful yarns.

Knits at worsted weight #7-8 needle. 100 GRAMS. No two skeins are alike. Alternate skeins every few rows.

A sublime versatile yarn; consider it as a superior substitute for plain worsted wool such as Cascade. .

Stitches Per Inch: 5

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