SUPER BULKY weight yarns knit at 1.5-2.5 sts per inch

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Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon yarn This item is on sale.

Sari is Discontinued

Quick & Fabulous! You'll want to knit with more than one of all these sparkling colors of Louisa Harding's Sari ribbon yarn.

Sari is a long-time favorite ribbon to knit and crochet. Also for embellishing, fringe and decor.

1/2 inch wide knits up quick on a #11-15 needle at 2- 3 sts per inch. Sari is stable so it's a great choice for glam garments.

Stitches per inch: 3
Yardage: 132
Price: $22.00
Sale Price: $11.00
Stitches Per Inch: 3

Circulo Tecido Trico yarn This item is on sale.

Circulo Tecido Trico is a fantastic ruffling yarn with pretty prints. The 2 inch wide gossamer ribbon is punched with holes. Knit into the holes to create a Quick 'n Easy ONE HANK BOA of ruffles.

Excellent for trimming garments and accessories too. Many creative uses. Tecido Trico is fun and addicting!

Polyester - use #5 needles.

Yardage: 32
Price: $22.00
Sale Price: $11.00
Color: 263 Aqua w Pink & Red Flowers

Filatura di Crosa $4 Ruffling This item is on sale.
75% OFF

Ruffling effect yarn from Filatura di Crosa.

Filatura Operadarte creates dramatic ruffles with this woven ribbon yarn. Knit alone or use as a carry-along to create feminine flourishes on a garment, trim or accessory.

39% Wool, 39% Acrylic, 9% Kid Mohair, 13% Polyamide Ask for FREE Pattern with purchase

Stitches per inch: 2.5
Yardage: 44
Price: $16.00
Sale Price: $4.00
Stitches Per Inch: 2.5

Malabrigo Rasta Super Chunky yarn
BACK in stock! Malabrigo Rasta speaks for itself! And at 2 sts per inch it just about knits itself!

Ask for links to the 3 FREE [1-2 skein] Cowl patterns pictured.

Rasta Pure Merino Wool is kettle-dyed by a small, family-owned yarn company that works with a co-op of women in rural Uruguay to produce some of the world's most fabulous yarns. No two skeins are alike. #15-19 needle. A bargain at 150 GRAMS.

Stitches per inch: 2
Yardage: 90
Price: $22.00
Color: Queguay {Spanish=How Cool!}
Stitches Per Inch: 2

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