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Noro Karuta yarn This item is on sale.
NORO KARUTA IS DISCONTINUED :^( Don't miss out on my favorite Noro yarn.

Karuta is sublime - the perfect blend of 40% Silk/30% Wool/30% Cotton, lush, saturated color gradations and quick to knit but not too chunky at 3.5 sts per inch on a #9 needle.

SEE Noro Karuta Kits HERE

Stitches per inch: 3.5
Yardage: 165
Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $16.00
Stitches Per Inch: 3.5

Noro Kibou Cotton Wool Silk yarn
Noro of Japan's hand~dyed Kibou is an all-season yarn that beckons with sun-soaked shades of 54% Cotton, 34% Wool, 12% Silk

DK-Worsted weight #5-7 needle. Just shy of 300 YARDS per 100 gram skein!

Stitches per inch: 5.5
Yardage: 297
Price: $20.00
Stitches Per Inch: 5.5

Rowan KidSilk Haze yarn This item is on sale.

Rowan Kidsilk Haze yarn is a very popular, light, fluffy Kid Mohair & Silk blend. Perfect for scarves, shawls, and light as a feather sweaters.

Super soft, 70% Super Kid Mohair, 30% Silk. #3-8 needle. Rowan Kidsilk Haze is a very versatile yarn - knit it tighter on a small needle, or loose and lacy on a #8-9

SEE KidSilk Haze kits here

Stitches per inch: 5-6
Yardage: 229
Price: $15.00
Sale Price: $11.00
Stitches Per Inch: 5-6

Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn
Sock weight yarn matches the very popular Noro Silk Garden Yarn. Knit socks and lightweight garments.

#2-3 needle, 40% Wool, 25% Silk, 25% Nylon, 10% Mohair

100 grams @ 328 yards each. One skein makes a pair of ladies socks.

Stitches per inch: 6.5
Yardage: 328
Price: $20.00
Stitches Per Inch: 6.5

Noro Silk Garden Yarn
SAVE $2 each on 9 or more~ assorted colors ok

Nothing comes close to the beautiful hand-dyed color variegations and luxury fibers in Noro Silk Garden yarn.

A mid-weight blend of 45 Silk, 45 Mohair, 10 Lambswool. #6-8 needle


Stitches per inch: 5
Yardage: 110
Stitches Per Inch: 5
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Louisa Harding Grace Beaded Silk/Merino yarn
Grace yarn, Louisa Harding's beloved Silk/Merino blend has been crowned with lovely glass beads. The clear beads go with every color and reflect what is around them. Then there's the rich saturated colors and the supreme softness....

Grace Hand Beaded is perfect to trim or stitch special, luxurious accessories.

Silk, approx 75 grams = 1+1/2 skein. Knits at a very comfortable DK to worsted weight. #6-7 needle

Just one skein will make a small lacy scarf. Use it with our coordinating colors of Grace Hand Dyed yarn

Stitches per inch: 5-5.5
Yardage: 74
Price: $19.00
Stitches Per Inch: 5-5.5

Noro Retro yarn
Discontinued - get it while you can

Noro Retro is a beautiful tonal-solid handdyed yarn. The rich, saturated colors gradate from medium to dark shades.

64% Wool, 24% Silk, 12% Angora. #9 needle ALL NORO YARNS ARE ORGANIC!


Stitches per inch: 4
Yardage: 110
Retail Price: $11.00
Discount Price: $10.00
Color: 8 Brick [3 in stock]
Stitches Per Inch: 4

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